Custom Go Vanity URL for Cheap Using Amazon Lambda

go’s CLI tool provides a very powerful way of accessing your code, specifically the subcommand go get. Typical people use go get for it’s resolving and adding dependencies to their package but it can also be used as a proxy for git clone. It can also resolve these dependencies from any domain that returns the right html.

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Extending Kubernetes with Controllers/Operators

Extending Kubernetes can provide an immence amount of value, allowing you to build new functionality into the Kubernetes control plane without having to modify or fork the core codebase. You can do all of that with a relatively low amount of work. This talk goes through the basics of how to build extentions into k8s using CRDs, operators and controllers

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New Year; New Team

Today marks a special day for me, today is my official first day as a Developer Advocate for Amazon Web Services. The last 20 months at Amazon I’ve had the great opportunity to spend time working in the Amazon Partner Network helping the many AWS Partners in our container space to grow their reach. I helped launch Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) with a collection of wonderful launch partners. [Read More]

Desktop Native AWS Cloud9 Environment

Today I wanted to write about a recent change I made in my development stack. I’ve been spending more time hacking recently, and when it’d all started up again, I noticed myself feeling a little bored of my common IDE / local stack, so I decided to venture down a completely different path. For many years I was a vim zealot, any remarks about your love for emacs can be withheld. [Read More]

Rewrite Git History for Open Source Projects

I’ve recently been spending a lot of my time working on more open source projects with this I’ve had to learn a couple of new things that you typically don’t when you are only contributing to proprietary work. Specifically caring for the commits in your Pull Requests.

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Go Version for Cobra Projects

Do you use cobra and goreleaser to package and build your golang CLIs. If not, you should reconsider. They are a fantastic combination and combined with one of my new projects you can add an easy to use and extensible version subcommand which features different outputs

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